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Monday, August 1, 2016


We were able to do a lot of tracting this week, so we saw a lot of doors. I didn't have any funny experiences like last week.:( But we were able to find some solid potentials that we have appointments with this week.

 One of them that really stuck out to me was a guy named Nathan!! He is a good guy the way we contacted him was awesome we knocked on his door and he answered it and you could tell by his face he did not want to see missionaries on the other side of that door we talked to him for a second and then asked if we could talk to him for a like 5 min and he said sure i'm going to take a smoke outside, so we went to the front of the apartment complex he lived in and talked to him about what we do and he said he doesn't really know If God is there. So we were able to bear testimony of Heavenly Father and that really softened his heart and he talked to us about his daughters and how he wants to know for them. That was the coolest experience all week but this week is going to be a awesome week as well.  
Love you guys 

Elder Nathan Hales 

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