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Monday, July 25, 2016


We found a new investigator this week named Tuesday and her daughters name is Sunday it is great. We found her through a member in the Shenandoah ward in the Council Bluffs stake, she called us and said that she was struggling and wanted to see the missionaries, so we tried her and she wasn't there but we were able to see her the next day which was good. We are helping her come closer to Jesus Christ and she has a strong desire to get baptized. She said her family is going to disown her when she gets baptized but she knows it is what she wants to do so that was awesome.
We also have transfers so we will know what is happening with us tomorrow if we stay together or not. I'm pretty sure we will stay together another transfer.
Other than that this week consisted of a lot of tracting. We were able to talk to a guy names Willi$ with the dollar sign, he was way fun to talk to he called us over to him and said he are you guys the Mormons and we were said "YES" and he sais his dad was a Mormon, so that was cool talking to him we wanted to know how we save money so well because he said he dad learned that from the church. We also talked to a guy that tried to convert us to Atheist so that was fun it has to be so weird not to believe there is nothing after this life, he was a very hard hearted man and didn't want us to talk with him but he wanted to talk to us and have us listen to him to try to convert us to Atheist, just so you all know it didn't work I still LOVE JESUS CHIRST!!!
Love you all    

Elder Nathan Hales 

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